King Candaules– what is this place? Pretty simple really, this is a place for people to share themselves and their partners, or find people who enjoy an aspect of sex that involves sharing oneself or enjoying the sight of others in sexually alluring situations.

Why King Candaules? King Candaules of Lydia, an area in what is now Eastern Turkey, believed his wife, Nyssia,  was the most beautiful woman in the world. He invited his bodyguard Gyges, to hide in their bedroom and watch her disrobe and so see and appreciate her as he did. 

There is probably little to no factual basis to the story, and the situation has a dark end, but the name Candaules is now associated with the sexual practice of candaulism. This kink is the practice of one person exposing their partner to other people for their own pleasure. It clearly is also associated with the pleasures of voyeurism and exhibitionism. More about them later.

Etty, William; Candaules, King of Lydia, Shews his Wife by Stealth to Gyges, One of his Ministers, as She Goes to Bed; Tate;

All these practices are as old as, well, history. It is now, in the internet age that they have taken on a renewed vigor as people are able to share across the world as well as over the fence. And that is where are with King Candaules. A place to share.