Public Nudity is fun!

Pun intended, public nudity can be titillating. The thrill of being caught, the frisson of being seen by strangers in ones most open naked state can be irresistible. That it is not allowed is part of the pleasure. King Candaules is a place to save the photos and stories of those moments. Sign up for […]

Libertine is a term we need to bring back

Libertine is a term we need to bring back. More norms need to be questioned, more government rules rejected, more religious dogma rejected. Do you own thing and be a libertine. Do as the pleasure of the flesh leads you. Be a free thinker, a free lover, a libertine. Participate at

King Candaules– What is this place?

King Candaules– what is this place? Pretty simple really, this is a place for people to share themselves and their partners, or find people who enjoy an aspect of sex that involves sharing oneself or enjoying the sight of others in sexually alluring situations. Why King Candaules? King Candaules of Lydia, an area in what […]